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cGxP is organized to provide comprehensive consulting Services. Our major Areas of Expertise are shown.  More detailed summaries can be found in the section called ServicesWe have a pool of Resident Experts who each have greater than 20 years experience.  Some of them have written the very regulations that govern the industry.   Others come from the industry itself and have faced the same product development issues that you do.


Resident Experts

The Resident Experts  lead our Senior Staff, each of which have between 10- 20 years of experience.  We also have available a large Staff.   We also have a network of experienced affiliates which can be called upon for various projects.  All individuals are highly qualified professionals with  skills, knowledge, and experience consulting in a regulatory environment. cGxP will always grant the right of refusal.



Please click on the link which describes our  firm commitment to building a Partnership with your business.  We strive to be your local partners, able to assist you in a manner flexible to your needs. Our commitment is to help you implement your program within schedule and budget.  We offer you Safe Harbor.  Click on this link for Directions to our offices.



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